Essential Skills Series

Upcoming Workshops

June 10-12, 2019 | Yellowknife, NT | REGISTER NOW!


The Essential Skills Series is also available online through the CES e-Institue.

Workshop Description

The Essential Skills Series consists of four, one-day foundational modules. The modules have been designed by the Canadian Evaluation Society to introduce and enhance program evaluation skills and promote the professional practice of evaluation across Canada. There will be opportunities for group exercises and discussion during the modules. Participant workbooks will be provided for each module.

Day 1: Introduction to Program Evaluation

  • Foundations of evaluation
  • Evaluation objectives and roles
  • Describing the program
  • Real world challenges

Day 2: Preparing to Evaluate

  • Evaluation questions
  • Standards and ethics
  • Indicators for evaluation
  • Research methods (part 1)

Day 3: Designing an Evaluation

  • Research methods (part 2)
  • Research design
  • Evaluation as a profession

Day 4: Carrying out an Evaluation

  • Data collection, management and analysis
  • Evaluation project management
  • Synthesizing evidence and communicating findings
  • Models and special topics in evaluation

Who should register for ESS?

  • Newly appointed evaluation or program review officers
  • Those who are beginning to manage and use evaluation projects within their organizations
  • Novice evaluators looking for an introduction or refresher course on the main concepts, methods and issues in program evaluation


  • CES Member in Good Standing: $810 for all four modules
  • Non-Members: $1014.75 for all four modules (includes the cost of CES membership)
  • Not-for-Profit Non-Members: $915.00 for all four modules (includes the cost of CES membership)
  • CES Student Members: $320 for all four modules
  • Student Non-Members: $425.00 for all four modules (includes the cost of CES membership)

Further information on membership rates can be found HERE


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