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Project Title:  What is the impact of Roundhouse (RH) membership?

 Overview -  MacEwan University has a venue called Roundhouse in Allard Hall used for workshops, speaker series, social events, etc. The Roundhouse hosts the Social Innovation Institute, where space users are connected with experts and innovators who support positive change in Edmonton.

 The Round House team wants to explore the extent to which they have contributed to being part of a community of changemakers, in terms of connections and collaborations, as evidence is primarily anecdotal at this point. They’d like to know more about the RH member experience. Ideally this would include a needs assessment element to identify what’s working and not working, as well as qualitative work around unexpected outcomes and impacts; they’d like to hear from past and current members, as well as potentially folks who aren’t members but could be (e.g. people who come to free co-working day). 

 Utility -The results would be used to understand impact on members (is RH achieving its mission?), and improve member recruitment and retention.

 Volunteer Project Timelines – Fall 2019 (October to December for planning and data collection). Submit interest by September 13, 2019.

 Volunteer Time Commitment -  Meetings would be dependent on scope of the project decided by the group of volunteers and the Round House representative.

 We are looking for volunteers with experience and/or interest in evaluation, innovation. For more information, please contact Maria Reyes [email protected] or Alexis Lockwood [email protected]

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