Chapter Events

We host several events throughout the year for members and non-members.

Upcoming Events

See below for information on our upcoming AGM and learning event.

Annual General Meeting 

We invite members and non-members to join us in Edmonton for a half-day workshop and Chapter AGM.


Date: Friday, September 13, 2019

Location: Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre (10440 108 Ave NW, Edmonton)


  • 9:00 am - Registration & Networking
  • 9:30 am - Workshop
  • 12:00 pm - Lunch
  • 12:30 pm - Annual General Meeting

Workshop: Scale Development for Surveys

On a scale of 1 to 7, how confident are you in your scale design skills?

Surveys are a staple of evaluators’ tool boxes, and this is an opportunity to sharpen your tools! This intermediate workshop presents common pitfalls in designing survey scales and how to repair them. Information is presented in a plenary format with hands on opportunities for participants to engage with the content. Facilitators will present strategies for determining scale length, scale labeling, and item response category order grounded in research and best practice. Participants will come away with practical ways to enhance their survey scale design skills.


Dorothy Pinto has a PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition from the University of Alberta.

Louise Bahry is completing her PhD in Research, Educational Measurement and Psychometrics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and holds a MEd in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition from the University of Alberta.

Dorothy and Louise each have over 10 years of experience in program evaluation, measurement and assessment, statistics, and research methods.

Learning Objectives (aligned to CES competencies):

CES competencies:

  • 2.7 Identifies data requirements, sources, sampling, and data collection tools
  • 2.8 Collects, analyzes, and interprets data using appropriate methods


  • Identify common pitfalls in designing survey scales
  • Understand how common pitfalls impact data analysis and interpretation
  • Learn strategies to repair common pitfalls

 Call for Nominations

The Canadian Evaluation Society, Alberta and Northwest Territories Chapter is pleased to request nominations for volunteers to stand for election to our Board of Directors. Elections will be held at our next Annual General Meeting on September 13, 2019. Terms are for two years (2019-2021).

The Board of Directors, made up of evaluation professionals, meet via teleconference each month to plan the work of the Chapter. We arrange for professional development and networking events for Members and others in the evaluation community. We promote and advocate evaluation on behalf of our Members.

This year, we are recruiting for:

  • Secretary / Treasurer (1)
  • Vice-president (1)
  • Director, Advocacy (1)
  • Members-at-Large (3)

You can refer to our Chapter Bylaws for a brief description of each position. Board nominees should be:

  • Member in good standing of AB/NWT Chapter (students welcome)
  • Willing to participate in Board activities
  • Interested in evaluation
  • Able to attend regular monthly board meetings

Interested members may put their names forward by emailing [email protected]and including:

  • A short written statement of their willingness to serve
  • The name of a CES member in good standing who will second the nomination

The deadline to submit nominations is September 11, 2019

 Annual Reports


Evaluation Cafe

Evaluation cafe is a chapter-supported networking and learning forum for evaluators in Alberta and Northwest Territories. Members and non-members with similar interests meet to share their passion for the profession, aspirations for future development broadly or around a specific topic in a casual, conversational setting. Typically, evaluation cafes are held in two major cities – Edmonton and Calgary. Members expressed their interests in hosting cafes in other cities and rural areas at the 2018 AGM. In line with this, the CES AB/NWT Board is pleased to extend eval cafes beyond Edmonton and Calgary and encourages non-board members to host cafes within their respective professional community to strengthen connectivity among evaluators.

If you are interested in organizing a cafe, please contact CES AB/NWT at [email protected] for further details and obtaining a confirmation on the budget.

Annual Christmas Luncheons

Annual Christmas Luncheons are usually held in December or January in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Annual National Conference

Each year, the Canadian Evaluation Society presents a National Conference. The 2017 conference was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the 2018 conference took place in Calgary. Further details can be found here.

Essential Skills Series

See our Professional Development page for more information on the Essential Skills Series.

Past Events

The Naked Truth: The State of Evaluation in Alberta, April 10, 2015

The Alberta & NWT Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society and its partners were pleased to host this one day evaluation forum. The forum was designed by the Chapter to engage participants in provocative discussions and the sharing of information about:

  • What is happening in evaluation in Alberta and what evaluators are working on
  • The value of evaluation from the perspective of evaluators and those who use evaluations
  • An action plan for advancing the profession of evaluation in the province

The objective of the forum was to provide a gathering place for evaluators to connect with each other and also with the users of evaluation. Presenters Included Gail Barrington, Benoit Gauthier, Rebecca Mellett, Crystal Corrigan and Cheryl Poth.

The final report of proceedings is available for download here and can be viewed in online magazine format on the AIHS website. Photos are posted here.